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Cheryl Ann Wills 816-807-2144: Make a difference 1 healthy green day at a time.
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Cheryl began using Shaklee products in 1972 when her parents, Dick and Elaine Foster, introduced them to her. Her parents had such dramatic health improvements - like, complete control of arthritis for over 40 years -  that it just made sense to seek her own good results. From that point, her health has only gotten better, too.

When Cheryl and Ed were married in 1980 they didn't have to think twice about using only Shaklee non-toxic cleaners in their home. They all enjoy the nutritional food supplements and use safe personal care products.

Choosing Shaklee was one of the best decisions that both the Fosters and the Wills ever made. Partnering as WFA Whole Health: Earth, Home, You, LLC was another great decision!

Our vision is to give back by showing people how to have a healthier life. We also desire to teach people a proven system to earn good money while helping others.

Just ask us how if you are one of those people.

To learn more about Cheryl, you can visit her atCheryl Ann Wills.