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In 1972, my parents, Dick and Elaine Foster, introduced me to Shaklee products. They had such dramatic health improvements - like, complete control of arthritis for over 40 years -  that it just made sense to seek my own good results. I discovered that certain products helped regulate my blood sugar levels, which, with clinical hypoglycemia, were out of control.  From that point, my overall health has only gotten better.

When I married Ed in 1980, we didn't have to think twice about using only Shaklee non-toxic cleaners in our home. It didn’t matter if our children got into the cleaners under sinks or if they wanted to help me clean house (something it seems that kids like to do from age 3 to 8 only). The cleaners not only worked and saved me money, they were safe. So, my kids’ encounter with them would never lead to the emergency room. Naturally, our family all enjoyed the food supplements and safe personal care products, too. And, I was (and am still) always thankful that not only are these products scientifically proven to do what they should, I also wasn’t wasting money.

Choosing Shaklee was one of the best life decisions that we, the Fosters and the Wills, ever made. Partnering as WFA Whole Health: Earth, Home, You, LLC was another great decision.

With my business, I can help keep more and more children out of daycare and after care programs if that is what their parents really desire. It grieves me that parents have such little time and energy to teach their children right from wrong, share the joys and sorrows of their children in the moment, participate in school and neighborhood activities as they happen, give proper attention to all the needs of their children including the rest they get, the food they eat, the friends they associate with and more. The concept of helping children and their families in that way while creating the time, money and health to see my personal hopes and dreams be realities, is truly a God-send!


In a nutshell: I am passionate about making the world a better place for children to grow and become all God intends for them. One way I do that is by teaching adults about healthier choices they can make for their own health, that of their family, their home, and the earth. All these choices can lead to more time freedom as their finances are no longer a concern.

Are you someone who desires better health for you and your family? Do you desire more time freedom to enjoy life? Contact me. Let’s discover if Shaklee might be one of your answers.